Public Jobs

Bids due in 11 days
5/30/19 3:30 pm
City Walk - EB-5750
Wood E&IS
Hickory, NC
City Walk along Main Ave from 9th St NW through Downtown Hickory to Lenoir-Rhyne University
Bids due in 2 days
5/21/19 2:00 pm
Biltmore Hills Community Center Renovations
Hagersmith Design PA
2615 Fitzgerald Dr
a. The project includes interior finish renovations of the 15,816 sf Biltmore Hills Community Center, a new front entrance addition, providing a HVAC system for the gymnasium, and other miscellaneous renovations as noted on the plans and specifications. Construction of this project includes but not limited to the following trades: site and earthwork, concrete, masonry, asbestos removal, demolition, metal framing, drywall, limited roofing, interior cabinetry, flooring, painting, tiling, plumbing, mechanical and electrical.
Bids due in 4 days
5/23/19 3:00 pm
NWC Exterior Hydronic Piping Project & RP2 Equipment Addition
Clark Nexsen
7100 Success Way, Raleigh, NC 27617
The Project is on Wake Technical Community College’s north campus on Louisburg Road in Raleigh NC. The Regional Plant 2 (RP-2) supports the cooling and heating needs of campus as one of the three (3) utility plants on campus. RP-2 was designed to accept a total of three chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. This project installs the second of the chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pump and support equipment. The project also includes building the frame system supporting a third chiller, but not the chiller itself. Along with the equipment in RP-2, new underground heating hot water (HHW) and chilled water (CHW) piping will be extended from the existing man hole MH-11 to the existing Building H along the east side of Building F and under the existing Pedestrian Bridge 1, as well as toward a future Automotive building for connection to that projects hydronic system.
Bidding Closed
5/14/19 1:00 pm
NC State - DH Hill Academic Success Center
Holder Construction Company
2 Broughton Drive, Raleigh
NC State DH Hill Library Renovation
Bidding Closed
5/9/19 3:00 pm
Buncombe Co LF/E Canton LF/Old Chandler LF Remedial Action Implementation
CDM Smith
Bidding Closed
5/2/19 3:30 pm
McDeeds Creek Elementary School Intersection Improvements Project - RE-BID
2953 Camp Easter Road, Southern Pines, North Carolina
Grading, Paving, Drainage, Landscaping, Utilities
Bidding Closed
5/8/19 2:00 pm
Wake County Parks Renovations - Harris Lake and Crowder County Parks
Huffman Architecture
Bidding Closed
5/1/19 2:00 pm
Wake County Parks Renovation - Historic Oak View County Park
Huffman Architecture
Bidding Closed
5/3/19 2:00 pm
U-5118BA:Roadway Improvements on Ligon Mill Road
Town of Wake Forest
Roadway Improvements on Ligon Mill Road
Bidding Closed
4/10/19 3:00 pm
Swinburne Building Phase 0 Finish Renovation
Huffman Architecture
Wake County Human Services Swinburne Building, located at 220 Swinburne St, Raleigh, NC 27610