NWC Exterior Hydronic Piping Project & RP2 Equipment Addition

Project is on Wake Technical Community College’s north campus located off of Louisburg Road in Raleigh NC. The Regional Plant 2 (RP-2) supports the cooling and heating needs of campus as one of the three (3) utility plants on campus. RP-2 was designed to accept a total of three chillers, cooling towers, and boiler. This project installs the second of the chillers, towers, boilers, pump and support equipment. This project also includes building the frame system supporting a third chiller, but not the chiller itself. Along with the equipment in RP-2, new underground heating hot water (HHW) and chilled water (CHW) piping will be extended from the existing MH-11 to the existing Building H along the east side of Building F and under existing Pedestrian Bridge 1 as well as toward a future Automotive building for connection to that projects hydronic system. The project will be delivered via single-prime bid to a general contractor
Date Company Contact
7/11/19 2:37 pm
Associated General Contractors 3825 Edwards Road
Suite 800
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Michael Stubbs
Tel: 800-364-2059 x8137
Fax: 704-583-4572
6/25/19 9:38 am
Bridgepoint Civil,LLC 3733 N. US Hwy 117 Goldsboro,NC 27530
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Pikeville, NC 27863
Victoria Guzman
Estimating Assistant
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6/18/19 8:05 am
DH Griffin 4716 Hilltop Road
Greensboro, NC 27407
Melissa Blosse
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6/21/19 9:54 am
Pipeline Utilities, Inc. 2204-F Associate Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603
Bryon Brown
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7/11/19 11:13 am
Pipeline Utilities, Inc. 2204-F Associate Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603
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Sr. Estimator
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6/27/19 2:33 pm
TA Loving 400 Patetown Road
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TCC Enterprises 1089 NC Highway 56
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