Twelve Oaks PS Expansion and Modification

Contract 1–Furnishing and installing one precast concrete wetwell adjacent to an existing wetwell, one valve vault, two submersible wastewater pumps, Protecto 401 lined 12-inch discharge piping and16-inch influent piping, fittings, valves, two reduced voltage solid state starters, two disconnect switches, new circuit breakers in existing panelboards, one 3-ton jib crane with motorized trolley and electric chain hoist, one immersible motor retrofit for an existing hydraulic fluid powered solids cutter, new control panel for the existing solids cutter, one carbon adsorption odor control system, one mini-split heat pump system for the existing building at the site, all required conduit and wiring for the proposed improvements, erosion control measures and their maintenance, and clean up and restoration of the site and stone driveway.
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