N.C. Dept. of Agriculture LF Remedy - (Bid NONCD0000607)


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date3/2/21 11:00 am

Bid Date3/19/21 12:00 pm

Company & Contacts

CDM Smith

Daniel Forbes   919-325-3566

NAME OF OWNER: North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
CONTRACT TITLE: N.C. Dept. of Agriculture LF Remedial Action
CONTRACT NUMBER: Site Number: NONCD0000607

MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING: March 2, 2021 11:00 a.m.
BID DUE DATE: March 19, 2021 12:00 p.m.
BID OPENING: March 19, 2021 3:00 p.m.

The Work to be performed under this landfill remediation Contract generally includes timbering,
clearing and grubbing, erosion and sedimentation control, stormwater control, landfill gas (LFG) probe
abandonment, surficial waste removal, excavation and relocation or offsite disposal of buried waste
from select areas, grading, installation of a protective cover system above waste that consists of
a geotextile fabric and geocells with soil or stone infill, and other incidentals as shown on the
Drawings and detailed in the Project Specifications. All Work shall be completed by the selected
Contractor within 10 months of the date of mobilization. The Project schedule will include stopping
Work during the State Fair in October 2021 and for a horse show that is scheduled at the facility
in November 2021 as detailed below and in the Specifications. Design Drawings and the Project
Specifications can be downloaded for free at https://www.planscope.com/jobs/public.

The N.C Dept. of Agriculture LF (Site) is located within the Hunt Horse Complex, approximately 110
feet southeast of the intersection of Hurricane Alley Way and Trinity Road in Raleigh, Wake County,
North Carolina. The address of the Hunt Horse Complex is 4601 Trinity Road. The Site is accessed by
an existing entrance located on the northwest side of this property.

A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on-site at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday March 2, 2021. All
prospective bidders are required to attend. Questions following the pre-bid conference regarding
the intent or scope of work must be delivered in writing to Mr. Aaron Weispfenning by e-mail at
weispfenningam@cdmsmith.com. To be given consideration, questions must be received by
Friday, March 5, 2021. Responses to questions received will be provided to all Bidders and an
addendum will be issued, if required, by Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

All bids shall be submitted to Mr. Daniel Forbes by 12:00 p.m. on Friday March 19, 2021. The bid
package shall be sealed with the following information on the exterior: N.C. Dept. of Agriculture
LF Remediation Project (Bid Number NONCD0000607) and name and address of the Bidder. The bids shall
be sent to Mr. Daniel Forbes at the CDM Smith Inc. office located at 5400 Glenwood Avenue, Suite
400, Raleigh, North Carolina 27612. Bids received after 12:00 p.m. on March 19 will not be accepted.

The bid opening will be held virtually at 3:00 p.m. on Friday March 19, 2021. Sealed bids will be
opened in the presence of Engineer and the NCDEQ. A Microsoft® Teams meeting invite will be sent to all Bidders that submit a bid by noon on March 19, 2021. All Bidders may attend the bid opening. The cost provided by each Bidder to complete the Site remedy will be provided at the bid opening, but Contractor selection will not be determined until Engineer and NCDEQ evaluate the bids.